Volontariato in Valdibrucia

I volontari sono essenziali nel sostegno e nella gestione delle nostre attività.


Generalmente accettiamo i volontari attraverso la piattaforma internet www.workaway.info .


Accettiamo volentieri la collaborazione di studenti di naturopatia o altre tecniche di cura olistiche o "alternative". A quelli che vengono ed entrano in contatto con i nostri ospiti, richiediamo una conoscenza basica delle Leggi Biologiche (dr. Hamer), chiediamo che capiscano che la malattia o il problema fisico sono parte di una reazione biologica "intelligente" del corpo e non sono una fatalità senza una spiegazione e senza una soluzione.

Queste collaborazioni possono entrare a far parte del loro programma di studio.

Possiamo garantire un notevole arricchimento terapeutico ed esperienziale.

Ma tutti i volontari devono essere disponibili per svolgere altri compiti che possono essere diversi dalle cure e dalle "terapie".

Necessitiamo anche volontariato in altri settori, come per esempio per  il taglio della legna, un aiuto in cucina, il lavoro agricolo o altri lavori di manutenzione.


Se possibile, noi chiediamo periodi minimi di 3 settimane per consentire ad ognuna delle due parti di adeguarsi all'altra e di essere reciprocamente più utile possibile. Alcuni volontari sono rimasti anche 2 mesi, con la massima soddisfazione di tutti.

Accettiamo anche coppie. In primavera ed estate, la sistemazione potrà essere anche in roulotte o in dormitorio. Cerchiamo comunque sempre di dare la migliore sistemazione possibile.

Il volontario aiuta generosamente come quando prende cura della sua propria "casa", in cambio egli riceve vitto, alloggio e partecipa alle attività di gruppo e ai consigli di buona salute. Eventualmente, e in base ad accordi e possibilità, il volontario riceve anche consigli personalizzati e qualche trattamento individuale.


Diamo preferenza ai volontari con una conoscenza almeno elementare dell'italiano.

Gli interessati sono pregati di inviarci un curriculum e una richiesta via mail (valdibrucia@vrgilio.it) o tramite www.workaway.info

Feedback e condivisioni

Questi commenti sono stati lasciati nel nostro "grande libro" o nella rubrica "feedback" del sito workaway.info



(Maria da Burgos - Spagna)

Pierre and Immacolata ..
They are amazing and beutiful people.
I just can say thaks so much.At the first momet I felt like at home with you.
Both of you trust in myself making me feel really special and unique.
You treat me and people around you with a lot of love, time, patience and knowlodge.

I have an amazing time with you both and I cannot wait you to see you again and have more moments of peace, crazyness and smiles.
I am leaving the valley with a big smile and this is becouse you!(and Eolo and Maya of couse)
Gracias so much for being yourself and show me many things.
For enjoy life the way you do.
For act with your heart and life the moment the way it comes.
and for all the things you are doing making the world more clear, peaceful and beauty.
See you soon guapos.
un abrazo inmenso!

+ + + + + + + + + + + +


(Mauro from Brazil)

Pierre and Imma are amazing people. Both very caring, they made me feel at home from the start. The food is unbelievable great. It is healthy, tasty and of great quality. Pierre is a well recognized therapist, and author on holistic medicine. Hence you will learn a lot about nutrition and natural ways of looking after your health. If you can contribute somehow with some sort of therapy, it will be welcome and valued. About the place: this place is a haven of tranquility. Breath-taking mountain views and the purest air quality. Additionally, nice moments with the company of many kind-hearted people who visit the place. About the work: the time schedule is very flexible and relaxed, also. And last, but not least, Eolo is also a great host too, the most vigorous hunter-dog I ve ever seen. Undoubtedly, this is a great workaway experience to recommend.

+ + + + + + + + + + + +


(Nicola e Manuela d'Italia)

This is an amazing place, where silence, nature, animals and, of course, wonderful people surround you from when you wake up to when you go to sleep.
Pierre and Imma are delicious hosts, welcoming with open heart, always ready to make you comfortable and listening to your requests.
Days flow very pleasantly through work never too hard, meals all together and the activities, therapies and meditations proposed by Pierre and Imma.
We left this place with a light sadness because we spent two enchanting weeks, nourishing our bodies, minds and souls. We hope there will be another occasion to be there!
Grazie di cuore per tutto a Pierre e Imma!
Nicola and Manuela

+ + + + + + + + + + + +


(Piotr from Poland)

Imma and Pierre are very kind and warm people.
I learned many interesting things, I enjoyed the beautiful time of the summer season, I ate delicious food prepared with love by Imma, I had many interesting conversations with Imma and Pierre, we also had bike trips in the mountains with lovely dogs (Maya and Eolo) as a companion. I really miss you, guys!
In fact, I met also a great group of kids who came on holiday. It was a great time.

Non vedo l’ora di andare a ancora una volta!
Vi mando un abbraccione!

+ + + + + + + + + + + +


(Alon and Hadas from Israel)

Allora, firt of all, multo Grazie, it has been a wonferful week! You have a magical place with very good energy for healing and becoming more aware and alive. The experience has been both spiritual and fun. May this place always atract good people and good energies.

+ + + + + + + + + + + +

[05/08/2015] (Halo from Iran)

Thank you, thank you, thank you ... for every thing.
It was a great pleasure to spend time with Pierre and Imma and be a part of this amazing place.
My lovely sister and my dear friend, ci vediamo prestissimo, Inshallah :)
Send you a big bunch of love

+ + + + + + + + + + + +


(Ellyde from Australia)

Imma & Pierre are exceptionally kind people, and I couldn’t have asked for a better first work-exchange experience!
I learned many interesting things, underwent a couple of the therapies in practice, enjoyed the beautiful surroundings of the winter season, held some debates with Pierre, had a laugh with Endris, and spent many hours cooking and chatting with Imma as life-long friends. I really miss you Imma!!!!
I highly recommend coming to help them – It’s an outstanding experience off the beaten track, and Imma & Pierre deserve all your support!
In fact, it was my intention to return soon, but got temporarily sidetracked – hence the very late feedback! My deepest apologies for that!
To all of you Imma, Pierre, Endris - and the 4-paw friends Eolo, Mia & Pippo: Thank you for the warmth and friendship! Warm hugs and the very best!

+ + + + + + + + + + + +

[23/10/2014] (Fron Czeck Republic)
In spite of their poor knowledge of Italian, Roman and Nikola have been wonderful helpers. Very quiet, entusiastic, never complaining, always available and open mind regarding alternative medecines.
Thanks fro coming to Badia Tedalda! Of course you are welcome to come back.
Left by host for Workawayer + + + + + + + + + + + + [13/10/2014] (Pasi from Finland)
Working with Pierre & Co was great, there was lots to do, so i got opportunity to learn new things and new jobs also. Everyday there was a really good food and sometimes we got a really great Cheese made by Hendrix (well, i´m not sorry how to write that name, seems to be that he has lots of names, while reading the ratings).

I can recommend this place if you are interested of good people, nice views, nature and helping peoples :) or well, i can recommend this place anyways, i kind of got stuck there, but after 4 weeks i finally decided to move forward, i hope to see the peoples of Badia Tedalda again :)   + + + + + + + + + + + + 21/09/2014] (from France)
I spend two months there...
Beautifull place with beautifull people I recommend to all who like peacefull place and amazingly nice people!
I learn about therapies alternativ, health being, cooking, helping a childbirthgoat,...I learn a lot about myself as well in those two months!
Thanks so much Pierre, Imma, Andris,Guerino....I'm glad I met you.
  + + + + + + + + + + + + 27/04/2014] (Elena d'Italia)
Hi there!
If you are looking for a truly peaceful place, if you love nature, good food prepared by expert hands of Imma and genuine cheese from goats kept by Endris and if you want meet a mysterious man frank and cultured as Pierre....this is the place for you.
Thanks to all   + + + + + + + + + + + +